About us

Verisoft s.r.o. is a young company that, despite its short presence on the market, has already proved to its customers several times that it is a full-fledged partner in the implementation of small and medium-sized software projects. The success is mainly due to a well-coordinated team of colleagues who have rich and long-term experience in the design and development of information systems from the environment of international companies operating in the banking and automotive sectors.

Our management

Marek Klimt 

Marek is a born manager. He started as a developer and also worked as an analyst with a strong project focus. He has a number of successful projects in the automotive industry.

"My job is to monitor market trends and create a strategic plan. I am responsible for the financial health and smooth running of the entire company."

linkedIn icon Marek (2) CEO - Marek Klimt

Jack Szabo

Jack has worked on a variety of projects in the automotive, insurance and healthcare sectors. As a highly skilled developer and architect, he has worked in the Czech Republic and abroad.

"At Verisoft I cover all existing technologies, development tools and licensing. In addition, I manage the introduction of new ones. I create custom firmware for development. My responsibility is the technical side of project implementation and validation of technical designs."

linkedIn icon Jack (2) CTO - Jack Szabo

Radovan Jupa

Radovan boasts many years of experience (over 20 years) in front end and back end development and IT Architecture. He is an enthusiastic innovator and a capable team leader.

"I am responsible for the implementation of end to end projects as well as capacity. I oversee the correctness of analysis, operational environment, internal production and test cluster, data security or documentation. I manage the technology supply chain."

linkedIn icon Rada (2) CIO - Radovan Jupa





Years of experience



Our team

,,We are proud that our collective strength has brought us closer to 40 members and we look forward to further expanding our ranks. Together we create innovative and user-friendly solutions that take our projects and products to the next level. Our collaboration and ability to share ideas and knowledge is what moves us forward. We create an environment where every voice counts and encourage creativity and innovation."


Raising quality standards: we are ISO 9001 certified

Feedback is important to us. Thanks to it, we can continuously develop and improve. We work as a team and together we improve and streamline all processes. We are proud to have obtained the ISO 9001 certification, which confirms everything. But it certainly doesn't end with the certificate. We plan to continue to improve efficiency and, of course, the satisfaction of our clients and all our employees.


We are members of CAUI

Our company includes an R&D department headed by our innovation manager. This experiments with the latest technologies and use cases so that we are always ahead of the curve and can deliver the most up-to-date solutions to our clients. At the same time, we are actively exploring how to use artificial intelligence in the business world and how to make companies' processes more efficient. That is why we have become a member of the Czech Association of Artificial Intelligence.


We are a verified supplier certified by the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic.

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Our offices are located in Nové Butovice in the AFI AVENIR complex in a building marked "C". 

How to reach us?

Metro station B - Nové Butovice
On foot (Around 7 min) - AFI AVENIR at Radlická 714/113A, Prague 5, 158 00.
Verisoft is located in the building marked "C".



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